How to fix the overheating issue with my Lenovo laptop?

Overheating of Laptop

If your Lenovo laptop is having a heating problem, it can turn into something much more serious. That is why it’s important to act right away and prevent a disaster. Our advice is to...

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How to improve your Lenovo laptop battery's performance?

improve laptop battery's performance

One of the most common issues why people still prefer desktop computers to laptops is the battery life. Some laptops simply don’t have the battery that can keep it running for more than...

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How to Connect Your Lenovo Laptop to Wifi?

Connect Laptop to Wifi

Although Lenovo laptops are very easy to use, sometimes users run into some problems. One of the most common issues is the one related to the wireless connection. If you don’t know how to...

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What to do in case when browser not working in Lenovo laptop?

Internet browser not working

If you can’t open a browser properly in your Lanovo laptop, there is no need to worry. According to the people from Lenovo technical support, this is one of the most common issues, which you can...

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How to Boost Your Lenovo laptop Speed?

Boost laptop Speed

Lenovo laptops are known for the high performances they can provide for their users. What this means is that if your Lenovo computer is not working properly, the chance is that there...

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What to do in case of Lenovo laptop Bluetooth not working?

laptop Bluetooth not working

One of those is the Bluetooth, which allows you to connect all sorts of devices with your Lenovo laptop. Unfortunately, sometimes this feature might not be working properly. The good news is that....

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