What to do in case of Lenovo laptop Bluetooth not working?

Lenovo laptops are loved by millions of users around the world for being very reliable and super-durable. On top of that, these devices are full of useful features. One of those is the Bluetooth, which allows you to connect all sorts of devices with your laptop. Unfortunately, sometimes this feature might not be working properly. The good news is that, according to the people from the Lenovo technical support center, this issue can be solved easily.

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If the Bluetooth is not working properly on your Lenovo laptop, here is what you need to do:

Switch Bluetooth on

Make sure that Bluetooth option is turned on, on your computer. Some laptop models have a special button that controls the Bluetooth. So, in order to switch it on, you just need to click/slide the button. However, if your laptop doesn’t have it, you can turn the Bluetooth on by pressing Fn & F5 on your keyboard. When a new window opens, click on Power on in the Wireless settings.

Check if the Bluetooth device is seen by your laptop

To do this, right-click on My Computer and choose Properties. Go to Hardware and select Device Manager. There, you will need to check if the Bluetooth device is listed under Network Adapters.

Make sure you have the right Bluetooth drivers

If the driver that controls your Bluetooth device is outdated, it won’t work properly. The solution is to go to the official website of the device and download the latest version of the Bluetooth driver.

These are just a few ways that might help you fix the Bluetooth problem. But, there are many other things you should check, which is why we advise you to consult the Lenovo repairs Sydney team, who are bound to have the right solution to this issue!

Step Pictures to Connect Lenovo Laptop to Bluetooth


Step-1 to connect lenovo laptop to Bluetooth


Step-2 to connect lenovo laptop to Bluetooth


Step-3 to connect lenovo laptop to Bluetooth


Step-4 to connect lenovo laptop to Bluetooth
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