How to increase battery life of Lenovo laptop?

One of the most common issues why people still prefer desktop computers to laptops is the battery life. Some laptops simply don’t have the battery that can keep it running for more than just a couple hours. This is the reason why many people decide to buy Lenovo devices, which are known for the long battery life. However, for some users, even that is not enough. Many of them are looking to increase the battery life of their Lenovo laptop.

Longer Laptop Battery Life

According to the people from the Lenovo technical support, there are ways to improve the battery life. Here are a couple of their tips:

Stop using battery-wasting programs

battery usage-windows

If you’re playing demanding games on your laptop, the battery will not last for a long time. The same goes for watching HD videos or running complicated programs.

Use programs one-by-one

Multitasking Windows 10

Forget about multitasking if you want your Lenovo battery to last for a long time. If you keep several programs opened at the same time, it will have a negative effect on the battery.

Turn off background programs

backgroud programs windows 10

Some programs that run in the background are wasting your battery. So, make sure to switch them off. To do this go to the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) and see how many applications are running at the moment. Turn off those that you don’t need to use by clicking on End Task.

Change battery settings

battery setting windows

Lenovo laptops allow you to turn on the Battery Saver mode. On top of that, you can save battery by decreasing the brightness of the screen.

If none of this helps, perhaps is the time to get a new battery. However, before you do that, it’s important to make sure that you’ve tried everything. This is why we advise you to contact Lenovo repair centre Perth if you are living in Perth and ask them for an advice.

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